Sunday, 9 May 2010

Another 8x8

Here is another 8x8 of Ryan that I made (sorry about the glare of the flash on this photo), Ryan is in the middle. Ryan is always happy. As a child he never stopped smiling and has been the easiest son to bring up. He always had to have his friends around and him and still does. He's such a social boy and is at his most happiest when he is off doing sporty things with all his mates. (He's 18 now just in case you're wondering.)

He is still friends with Ryan and Luke now. I think this photo was taken when he was in year 3 of primary school.

I'm really enjoying using this cosmo cricket set and am in the process of making a mini album out of paper lunch bags and covering with these papers. I'll show you that when I'm finished.


  1. I have the Cosmo Cricket set too - it's great isn't it? Lovely LO.

  2. here, here...those papers are divine!

  3. You can't go wrong with Cosmo Cricket can you? Lovely LO, well done.

  4. You're doing well with your mini-album - great LO and looking forward to seeing the finished thing. I must make a start on an album for my DD1 who is 18 in Nov.


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