Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A walk in the woods

Another digi layout from me, and of course it's another one of Henry.
There is a lovely walk near us where we can walk through the woods. Henry just loves it. He goes off scampering and rummaging and chasing the odd squirrel or pigeon (he never catches them though in case you're worried).

This was a rare moment when he sat still while we were out, so we grabbed a quick photo. I've made the page using Crush by Dawn Inskip.
Hope you like it
Ally xx

Monday, 14 February 2011

Love you

As the journalling says, Simon and I aren't into all the squishy love stuff but we know exactly what we mean to each other.
I made this digi layout using a kit designed by Dawn Inskip, called Crush.
Hope you like it.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Bath time!

I'm really enjoying scrapping digitally. I'll be honest and say that I never thought I would, but it just makes designing your layout so much easier! I thought I'd finished this one, and now I've put it on here, I think I've decided that I want to move the pictures over to the left a bit...
well guess what? ... when I'm ready to, I CAN! That's definately an advantage for me.

So here are the credits,
I based the layout on a scrap map by Sarah (15-21 Jan) shown on Creative craft world.
I've used a kit called Spontaneous Delight by C Stephens and was a free download from Shabby Princess.

As the journalling says, Henry loves water. He'll jump in streams and play in puddles. But when it came to Si and I giving him his first bath, we were just a little bit cautious as to how he would be. We completely emptied the bathroom and Si got in with the shower. He turned it on and Henry couldn't wait to get in with him! (1st photo). He loved having the shampoo on and being rinsed off, even though he did soak us both in the process!
When it came to drying him though, we had a different battle. Henry HATES the hairdryer. He kept barking and snapping at it. It took us ages to dry him off. I think we have to work on that bit.

Hope you like it.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Snow time

Do you remember back to Decemeber when we had all the snow? Difficult to forget really. I hate the snow, I hate being cold ... but Henry just loved it.
Another digi layout for you but I forgot to note down the kit I used.
Think I'm getting the hang of this digi lark now, I haven't done any proper paper crafting for ages!

Hope you like it
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