Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Natural History Museum

As the post title says, this page is about the time we spent at the Natural History Museum. I'm so sad ... I love museums!! We spent hours and hours here. I absolutley loved it as I'd never been before.
These are American Crafts papers and I played with one of my new Martha Stewart punches too.


  1. Yes I,m liking this one, the AC patterned paper, flowers and.....Martha Stewart punch?

  2. I love this lo. Isn't the museum fab. xx

  3. Not sad at all - the Natural History Museum is one of my favourite places. I love all museums - I can lose hours in them!

  4. I drag my long-suffering family round museums every holiday, so not sad at all in my book :) And I have a poster of the Natural History Museum on the wall in our cloakroom.


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