Friday, 12 February 2010

The Lion King

So, the main part of my birthday treat was to see The Lion King. OMG - it was fantastic.
I'm a HUGE fan of musicals on both stage and screen but this was the best I've seen. The simplicity of the way the animals were portrayed and the minimal set actually added to the overall feeling. I absolutely loved it.


  1. Well done Ally, like the font, is it BG? Maybe a little more journalling about the show? I just like to be nosy.

  2. OH lucky you what a wonderful birthday treat and fab lo alma xx

  3. Lion King is my favourite musical ever ever ... glad you enjoyed it X

  4. wow bet it was fab we saw mini shows, in florida Animal Kingdom and in Disneyland Paris, but the whole show i bet it was great x

  5. We saw this a couple of years ago and it was fab, brought a bit of a lump to my throat. glad you enjoyed it too:)


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