Friday, 22 April 2011

B is for blossom

I've never been an outdoorsy kind of girl. I grew up in Felixstowe, which is a seaside town in Suffolk. Being able to go to the beach whenever I wanted to when I was younger, meant that I never really appreciated it.
Now that I have Henry and get out for a walk most days (albeit it's always to the same place), I seem to be growing to appreciate the outdoors much more and am taking more notice of what's around me. This is my second digi layout in my A to Z of photos and is called B is for Blossom. I used a page template from Jessica Sprague.
I'm not overly happy with the background paper. I changed it numerous times, but just couldn't find the one I liked best. I settled for this one, but now I've come back to put it on the blog and looked at it again, I'm not so sure. But then that's the beauty of digi scrapping. If you don't like something, it doesn't matter, just go ahead and change it. You haven't got to worry that it's already stuck down!

The 2 week easter holiday is almost over! Where has the time gone?!!
I planned to do so much and have barely touched the surface!
Note to self - I really must organise my time better.



  1. Love your LO. Great photo.

  2. Great LO, love the photo. I agree with the flexibility of digi-scrapping. The problem is that you waste so much more time faffing about when it doesn't look right.


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