Monday, 4 January 2010

Too tired to make tonight!

Well it's the first day back at work after the Christmas holidays and what a shock to the system that was!

I haven't had time (or energy) to craft tonight (I think that might be quite a regular occurrence)so I'm going to post an old card I've made.


  1. I like the colour combo and heart sentiment. Each day I think 'oh, I must craft tonight' and then without fail I get stuck in front of the tv or doing chores and all thought of cards goes out the window!

  2. me too. Once I've had tea and sat down - I'm done!

  3. I can empathise with the too tired - first day back at work today and my bed is calling.

  4. I love all these really cute cards with the little persons on them - I am rubbish at colouring in

  5. Keep up the good work, sniggle! Remember you can post about fav. papers, equip etc, get photos from the web if you have to!


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