Tuesday, 26 January 2010

great buy!

On Sunday, Simon and I went on our usual Sunday shop browse and popped into the Range.

Now, I've been after some storage jars for ages. I particularly wanted jars as I wanted to put all my paper flowers in.

Walking through the kitchen department I came across these little beauties. Now I'm not a jam maker but as soon as I saw them I wanted them. They are so cute!

And at £1.19 each, they were even more delicious and as they were screaming "buy me! buy me!" how could I not refuse!

Here they are now with the flowers in.

I think these look great. Oh how something as small as 4 glass jars can make a girl like me so happy!



  1. Ahhh!, so cute! Btw did I tell you that I have a craft desk and you don't. Now don't stamp your foot, instead tell Simon that you feel excluded from the other bloggers and you need one! (son tries this one when he wanted an 18 game....did it work?...no way...teen boy!) But you can try!

  2. I will have to look out for those, the flowers look lovely in them. Trish:)

  3. Perfect little jars,,and much cheaper than the ones in the lakeland catalogue!!

  4. These look just so wonderful :) ... and of course you had to buy them ... I mean, they were calling to you - I heard! LOL.

  5. Sooooo pretty, I keep all my flowers on show in glass jars are they just look so pretty. Bargain too, great buy:)

  6. What a bargain! Where's my nearest Range!

  7. I have some of those too, fab aren't they!!!

  8. yummy...i'm all about the storage too!


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