Friday, 27 August 2010

Labour of love

Now here's a story - do you know how much trouble I've had trying to get the pva crackled paint technique to work? I followed the instructions in the magazine and it just would not work, no matter how much I tried. I put out a plea for help and in steps the wonderful Hels Sheridan to my rescue. She gave me a different set of instructions to follow!
Now as you can probably see from the photo that I still haven't got it anywhere near right. Rather than crackles, I have deep plough tracks but hey, I think I'm nearly there!

H As a thank you (errr... sorry it's still not quite right Hels but I'll keep trying)I've put it into Hels own challenge. The theme was flowers.
The heart in the middle looks purple in the photo but it isn't in real life.
Hope you like it


  1. Gorgeous and I am so chuffed the tips helped hun...thanks for joinin in with the SUnday stamper... BTW.. I find if I spritz the PVA with a dash of water and mix it, then paint it on it gives finer crackles.. that way you can have thick ones and thin ones in patches... hope that helps x

  2. Looks great to me....trial and error is the name of the game with anything new sometimes.
    Thanks for the tip Hels too

  3. Keep up the practice I say! I'm sure you'll get there! Still looks great!


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